Commissioner of Education Visits Anderson

Commissioner of Education Visits Anderson

The Tennessee Commissioner of Education Penny Schwinn visited Anderson Elementary School on February 21 as part of a school tours and a series of roundtable discussions she is conducting across the state. While at Anderson, Dr. Schwinn visited three classrooms as well as the library/makerspace.

Following her visit, Dr. Schwinn had the following to say about the time she spent with students and teachers at Anderson:

"We are very committed to ensuring our schools have what they need to support all of our children regardless. I just have to say that the time I’ve been able to spend here, I’ve seen what that looks like.

"We have kindergarten classrooms where the teacher is invested in her students. She is spending incredible amounts of time making sure that she is individualizing the lesson to what that specific child needs. We saw a library that wasn’t just about books sitting on shelves; it was about children who were able to go into a space where they felt safe, and supported, and happy, and cared for. They worked in teamwork, and they worked in communities. They were most proud of their teamwork award. When we were talking about activities they were doing, many of the children spoke about, ‘I got a chance to speak with my peers and work with them and solve problems’.

"When you have school communities that are fostering that kind of work, that is the type of development that prevents a lot of what we’re talking about in terms of school safety and violence. We need to make sure that our children come to school every day, they get an excellent education, they feel empowered to do whatever it is they want to do, and they are engaged in their school community. So, when they walk home, they say I learned more and there’s someone at school who cared about me and knew that I was important. And that’s what I saw here today, and that’s what every single school in Tennessee should have.

Thank you, to Dr. Schwinn and her team for taking time to learn about the wonderful things happening at Anderson and in Bristol Tennessee City Schools!

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